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KRIS X BIOME Experience Destination Global Cities

Sara Gana

Concept Architect for KRIS X BIOME Experience Destination Global Cities

Co-Founder CEO, GVLN Peaceland, Inc. 

A social entrepreneur, visionary stateswoman to the business, becoming concerned about sustainable economic development, global warming and other mounting global issues, I conceived THE LEGENDS OF TODAY a unique Operator-Investor- Ecosystem to build the future we must invest now. 

I realized tourism and entertainment uniquely bring people and all businesses together.  Moving money and business to create investor ROI, global awareness on climate and environment, tourism and futuristic technologies bringing historic cultures and biodiversity interlinked with immersive StoryLiving visitor experiences is what I conceived for KRIS X the BIOME Experience

A bigger vision needs bigger representation and the ‘Legends of Today’ together with ‘KRIS X BIOME project’ is where principles and profits merge for financial and social ROI for all. A WIN-WIN situation for all.

I bring 20 years of my professional journey and many years of personal experiences that includes various trainings, social research, leadership initiatives, mentoring, creative energies, Business-Emotional-Spiritual intelligence, in-depth gratitude and accountability for countless blessings from GOD to this project.

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