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Ian Coyne

Strategic Partner


Founder of Vessel Creative Solutions with a focus in the eSports industry leveraging his experiential attractions background. With a ‘futurist’ mindset, inventing new ways to use technology for experiential and Esports gaming venues.


Ian has designed dozens of big budget attractions for big clients all over the world. Having helped conceptualize and design projects for Kennedy Space Center, TCL Chinese eSports Theatre, HotGo Park and many others. Ian also created the first brand interchangeable VR Pod with 4D motion seats and immersive effects, as well as producing and directing VR immersive content for Coca-Cola to leverage the VR Pod motion with custom marketing content. His next goal is moving the home consumer and the eSports industry forward with a new line of furniture products that are designed with Esports and gaming in mind. He holds a co-patent for the world’s first fold out from the floor Esports gaming desk. Creativity and making things that never existed before is his norm.


A change seeker with creative solutions to bring communities together and disrupt the status quo.

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