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Our Vision


GVLN Peaceland, Inc. (GVLN) a New York State Incorporation is proposing to develop a world-class, sustainable, futuristic entertainment city known as ‘KRIS X BIOME Experience ’.

Our vision is to (1) accelerate a new paradigm for tourism and themed entertainment (2) develop investor-operator ecosystem  (3) create world class EDUtainment destination with futuristic immersive StoryLiving visitor experiences founded on self-sustainable and low carbon principles. We have always been committed to ensuring that KRIS X BIOME works for local communities and the ecosystem as well as our visitors.

Unique, immersive, world-class destination

KRIS X BIOME will be globally competitive and mark a step-change in travel and themed entertainment industry. The first theme park will open in 2023.

Sustainable and environmentally responsible

Self-sustainability is at the core of our vision. We are exploring new and innovative ways of integrating sustainable and low-carbon principles into every area of design and operation of the KRIS X BIOME. Our aim is to build futuristic and sustainable EDUtainment destinations one in each of the Continent.


Futuristic landscape adding character and symphony to the location

Our designs will seamlessly integrate local public commuting with improved regional access and renewed infrastructure

A catalyst for job creation and revitalization

KRIS X BIOME thematically represents the entire North American Continent (NAC) and will have a global profile, attracting visitors from all over the world, generating economic benefits to the entire region.

Futuristic, Immersive, flexible

Our three core principles for development of attractions are to be futuristic immersive and flexible.  In the words of our Chief Architect, “we design for next 25 years”, in order to stay adept evolve and meet the demands of visitors from 2023 and beyond.

IP Partners

While our strategy is to develop branded IPs, we also make sure to partner with the best cross media platforms including film and television, to tell stories and create StoryLiving visitor experiences.


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