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The Project


The up-scale and positioning of KRIS X BIOME Global City at par with top industry players within the US and around the world is poised to make the area as a new family entertainment destination.


A broad appeal, iconic themed attraction  to be built in this picturesque locale has phenomenal potential to deliver significant ROI for capital investors and public stakeholders, with major economic in-flow for the local community.

Completely powered and managed by renewable energy storage system in place and ready to entertain 10 Million opening year ballpark number (post covid calculations of visitors by spring 2023).

The multi-billion undertaking is ready for next stage of development and looking for investments.

We are working on series of Investors Meet starting from May / June at various global locations.  This is a serious investment opportunity that comes with 2 X of ROI in 5 years starting from 3Q of KRIS X BIOME opening year for visitors in spring of 2023.  Please contact at

Our teams are developing the material and documentation to be presented at the investors meet.

Get in touch at: info[at]

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